In the last year, the Lunar Land as well as many other bodies has beenLunar Land Space Law receiving much attention with regard to the sale of extraterrestrial property.

The discussions in several articles are productive to furthering the discussion of the subject to say the least. This in itself has stimulated very positive and productive discussions all over the planet. The Lunar Land has however noticed that many discussions are sometimes tainted with simple untruths that are unfortunately stated by people who have not researched the subject in depth. As a result, some untruths sometimes get mixed up with what is actually fact today.

As market leaders in the area of extraterrestrial property sales, the Lunar Land feels it is therefore necessary to dispel a few myths. It is our goal to provide all the information possible in order to help our customers to make a correct and informed choice.

At this stage we feel it may be a good idea to let you know that what follows, is a discussion of the legal aspects of owning extraterrestrial property. It is the only area on any of our webservers where we will leave the “fun” aspect of the entire story aside for the moment for a reality check. It is meant for the hard and fast skeptics out there, to whom we owe so much.

Perhaps you have heard someone once say something like “The Moon cannot be sold” or “The Moon Treaty absolutely forbids exploitation of Lunar resources for profit.” These and many other statements spoken by the uneducated are simply untrue.

Here is the truth about some myths. We do explain them, as we and other space experts know them to be fact to the best of our abilities.


1. What are the Space Laws today?
2. According to the Moon treaty, individuals may not claim the Moon and other celestial bodies. Is this true?
3. Does the Moon, Planet Mars or any other planets have actual laws??
4. How does NASA fit into this mix? Can they land on my property?
5. Will new Laws be enforced? What guarantees are there? Will new laws be established?


1. What are the Space Laws today?
There are two meaningful Treaties of Space Law that exist today, The Outer Space Treaty and the Moon Treaty. Both of these treaties do not necessary discuss the subject of ownership, but do discuss the exploitation of outer space for profit purposes. Falling within these guide lines, is the sale of extraterrestrial property

What does this mean? Well it means that governments can not appropriate Planet Mars, any of the Moon or other celestial bodies inside our solar system.

The Outer Space Treaty was a Declaration of Legal Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space. Being enforced in 1967, providing the fundamental structure for international space law. The treaty made Space a global commons, a place where everybody was Free to Go! Outer Space and celestial bodies would become free for exploration available to all nations. Mars and other celestial bodies shall be used by all countries entirely for peaceful purposes! What is actually important here is it never stating that private individuals or commercial enterprises could not claim celestial bodies for profit. This Agreement opened the path to sell and purchase real estate in outer space. (Note that the Lunar Land company is not a government body.)

The Moon Treaty of 1979, makes a declaration that the Moon should be used for the benefit of all states and all peoples of the international community. However it was not until June of 1984 that it was ratified, reaffirming the laws put forth in the Outer Space Treaty. The fact that the Outer Space Treaty omitted to state that any commercial enterprises and private citizens could claim celestial bodies could never be ratified in the Moon Treaty. Information on the Outer Space Laws of today has been appropriately documented within all Governments.

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2. According to the Moon treaty, individuals may not claim the Moon and other celestial bodies. Is this true?
These statements are absolutely true! In fact the Moon Treaty’s objective was to prevent private and commercial enterprises from exploiting the Moon and celestial bodies for profit.

However the Moon Treaty was never ratified! When the United Nations tried to update these amendments it is unratified by any major space faring powers such as the United States, Russia and unsigned by the majority of nations. Hence leaving the Celestial Bodies which included the Moon to be used by all countries entirely for peaceful purposes! There are still some believers in the Moon Treaty, but know this is was never ratified and has no legal baring on these matters! Therefore, at this point the Moon Treaty has no direct relevance to current space activities!

The non ratification of the Moon Treaty ,benefits all private and commercial enterprises! Allowing the exploitation of Space for profit!

Here is what an historical website has to say about it:

“The Agreement Governing the Activities of States on the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies is the infamous “Moon Treaty”. It was killed by a handful of L5 Society activists who were the first to see that it would outlaw property rights in the rest of the universe and indefinitely bog down space settlement in a “common heritage of all mankind” morass. When, as a result of the L5 Society efforts, the US congress failed to ratify the treaty, the USSR also breathed a sigh of relief. They likewise did not ratify. The Soviets were so surprised at the impact of this relatively unknown organization that they sent very obvious KGB members to chapter meetings in New York City to find out who they were. The Soviet Embassy in Washington DC subscribed to the L5 News for years afterwards.”

Public opinion was playing a large part in the major space faring members decision not to sign the agreement. Well public opinion has surfaced! Millions of people from all walks of life love owning a piece of the Moon and Mars Land etc. All looking for Space colonization, a permanent human habitation other than Earth.

This all sound crazy….is this truly the story?

As crazy as this all sounds… yes. We say crazy, because we feel excited and fortunate that this non ratification , would allow the human race to search for new resources. We must call for space colonization as a long term survival of human civilization. In the event of a natural or man-made disaster on Earth, we must have alternative locations for all humans. Many companies are preparing to exploit outer space for profit! This is really a good thing for all! The goal isn’t just scientific exploration, but also extending the range of human habitat out from Earth into the solar system as we go forward in time! These Space Laws along with many Scientists, Astronauts, Spacecrafts, Robots and most of all NASA have helped create a possible evolution for all of Humanity! The possibilities are unlimited and still unbelievable to many. We must all have an open mind when thinking of the future as private enterprises move forward with exciting and innovating ideas. Fights and cruises across the Lunar Surface are presently being planned for the very near future.(If why is still the question, keep reading below.

Visit their website at:

Then there is the NASA’s Artemis project, collaborating with private enterprise and international partners to establish sustainable missions, bringing back some rock to be sold as a collectable item. Any revenue will be used to fund private enterprises. Using innovative new technologies and systems to explore more of the Moon than ever before. Using what they learn on and around the Moon to take the next giant leap, sending astronauts to Mars.

Visit them at:

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3. Does the Moon, Planet Mars or any other planets have actual laws?
Currently there are no existing laws on the Moon itself or any other planets, with the exception of Earth.

If Space colonization takes place on the Moon or any other celestial bodies, laws need to be enforced to ensure the rights of the people. Before laws can be established ownership rights must be discussed. We have started the process by selling extraterrestrial property, having millions of our customers waiting to explore our new frontiers.

We will stand proud with the public to be allowed to claim and use resources on extraterrestrial property, regardless of their financial standing. Some wish to claim property according to the proximity of the individual to such property, this would definitely benefit only the wealthy. Our objective would be to protect the general public and their rights!

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4. How does NASA fit into this mix? Can they land on my property?
NASA is a space-related agency of the United States government, allowed to land anywhere in outer space. However NASA does not claim ownership of the Moon or any other celestial body!

The Outer Space Treaty states that NASA has full rights to the Moon or any other celestial body, for the exploration of benefiting all Humanity! NASA’s purpose is to uncover the wonders of our Solar System and its Planets, sharing it findings for the benefit of humanity. NASA continues to search for Life beyond Earth, with robotic spacecraft and rovers on and around all Planets.

However, let’s keep everything in mind?

It is important to remember that without NASA , we the people would know nothing of Outer Space! They are the pioneers of a new frontier, leading humanity forward! We should all be grateful for the brave and exceptional work of the men and women of NASA.

Their landing sites will never be sold , these sites will forever remain crucial for the good of all Mankind!

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5. Will new Laws be enforced? What does the future hold? Will new laws be established?
As far as we know, presently no country, organization or individuals has tried to enforce any new laws concerning Outer Space!

As for the future, no one can predict what lies ahead. The 180 member states of the UN could try to prevent the exploration of celestial planets for all, bringing a sudden stop to many private enterprises, who are looking for an alternative way of life! Or on the other hand, we all can keep moving forward and a new land will be discovered. As we have learned from the past anything is possible!

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